About the Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic

The Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic is a self-regulating professional organisation established by the Act on Auditors for the purpose of governance of the auditing profession in the Czech Republic. The Chamber was founded in 1993, and since 14 April 2009 its authority has been regulated by Act No. 93/2009 Coll. on Auditors. In accordance with this Act, statutory audits of financial statements may be performed only by certified auditors registered in the list of auditors and auditing companies maintained by the Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic.

The Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic administers the domains www.kacr.cz and www.auditing.cz. The Chamber is not responsible for the content of any other domains.

The Chamber serves mainly the following purposes:

  • keeps lists of auditors and audit firms,
  • publishes lists of auditors and audit firms registered with the Chamber,
  • keeps records of assistant auditors,
  • organises audit examinations,
  • issues resolutions on passing audit examinations,
  • issues certification of auditors,
  • inspects performance of audits,
  • issues national auditing directives in compliance with generally binding legislation and International Standards on Auditing,
  • issues the Chamber´s internal regulations (e.g., the rules of procedure and election rules of the Assembly of Auditors, rules governing examinations and payment of dues, supervisory rules, disciplinary rules, the code of ethics, internal regulations for continuous professional training of auditors, directives for professional experience of assistant auditors, etc.),
  • rules on disciplinary measures,
  • rules of requests for waiving parts of the audit examination and requests for recognition of qualifications,
  • organises educational events as part of preparations for audit examinations,
  • ensures opportunities for continuous professional education for auditors, assistant auditors and the professional community,
  • publishes the professional journal Auditor and technical publications on auditing,
  • ensures distribution of foreign technical literature,
  • collaborates with Czech and foreign professional organisations and government institutions,
  • is a member of the National Accounting Board,
  • is an active member of the international professional organizations IFAC and FEE.