CCR seeks external financial audit services

Caritas Czech Republic (CCR), VAT ID 701 00 969, is a non-governmental organization working in the field of emergency response and development in a number of countries around the world, namely Mongolia, Iraq, Moldova, Georgia, Zambia, Cambodia and others. To run its operation, CCR is supported by funds from different donors that give it high obligation to take accountability and openness as one of the main priorities.

CCR announces procurement of provision of external financial audit services. The audit will be performed for project with code name MN16 (“Improving resource-efficiency and cleaner production in the Mongolian construction sector through materials recovery”) which is focused on promoting sustainable production and consumption in the construction sector, through supporting SMEs to switch to more resource-efficient practices.

For more information see the attached document.

Contact: Kateřina Velíšková, tel.: +97680609404 (Mongolia), e-mail: